A lot of Spanish-speaking nations aren’t recognized for the winter months sporting activities, despite the fact that several of the globe’s finest winter sports, also if much less established than somewhere else, can be discovered in a few of them. Therefore, much of the Spanish words for wintertime sporting activities have actually been imported, so if you’re ever before winter sports in the Andes of South America or in the Pyrenees of Spain, do not be amazed to listen to declarations or expressions like “hacemos snowboard” and also “el halfpipe.”

Such etymological adjustments should not be shocking. Besides, English words such as “ski” and also “slalom” originated from Norwegian. Importing from various other languages is among one of the most usual means for a languages to expand, and also Spanish is no exemption.

Pronunciation of imported words typically essentially adheres to that of the stemming language with some variants. As an example, the h of hockey might not be quiet, and also words might wind up appearing something like the English “hokey.”

Here are the Spanish words for a few of one of the most typical wintertime as well as snow sporting activities such as those you would certainly locate at the Winter Olympics:

biathlon– biatlón bobsleigh– bobsleigh cross-country snowboarding– esquí de fondo, esquí nórdico crinkling– crinkling downhill winter sports– esquí alpino number skating– patinaje artístico (sobre hielo) (a skate is un patín)hockey– hockey (sobre hielo) luge– luge short-track skating– patinaje en pista corta, patinaje short-track skeletal system– skeletal system, esquéleton winter sports– esquiar (a ski is un esquí)ski dive– salto de esquí slalom– eslalon snowboarding– snowboard, surfear en nieve, browse blanco (a snowboard is un snowboard, una plancha para nieve or una tabla para nieve)rate skating– patinaje de velócidad (sobre hielo)

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