Equating terms from English to Spanish can be an obstacle when Spanish-speaking audiences may not recognize with the social and also social variables involved.An instance is

attempting to equate “foster kid.” The issue is that the term describes a particular lawful setup that exists in the USA, and also there isn’t constantly a specific equal in other places. So if you require accuracy in connecting your suggestion, you might require to describe what it is that you suggest.

Quick study suggests that feasible terms you could make use of for”foster kid”consist of niño en acogida(essentially, a kid absorbed, a term utilized in Spain) or niño en adopción temporal(essentially, a momentarily embraced kid, a term made use of in a minimum of 3 South American nations). Yet it’s difficult to claim if either among these terms would certainly be generally comprehended properly without description.

This might seem like a copout, yet if you’re describing the plan that’s typical in the United States, what you could pick to do is merely embrace the English word and also offer a quick description: niño foster. That’s not an initial concept– a fast internet search discovers numerous U.S. institution areas doing specifically that in their Spanish-language records. Such a “translation” might not be quite, however in some cases these options are the very best that can be done.

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