Tamaño is one of the most typical Spanish word for” dimension.” Below are some instances of its usage as a noun. Keep in mind that it is occasionally even more all-natural to equate sentences including tamaño by describing the dimensions themselves as opposed to making use of words “dimension.”

No sé el tamaño de tu ropa. (I do not recognize your garments dimension.) ¿ De qué tamaño debe ser el cuestionario? (How lengthy should the survey be?) El tamaño del cerebro del bebé es sólo un 25 por ciento del que tendré cuando sea adulto. (The dimension of an infant’s mind is just 25 percent of what it will certainly be when she’s a grown-up.) Quiero enviar un archivo adjunto de grandma tamaño. (I wish to send out a big connected data.) Puedes obtener un descuento en un tatuaje de cualquier tamaño. (You can obtain a price cut on a tattoo of any kind of dimension.) El artista italiano crea esculturas de madera a tamaño natural. (The Italian musician produces life-size timber sculptures. Tamaño genuine might have been utilized below with the very same significance.) Los mamíferos de tamaño medio pueden ser los más propensos a extinguirse. (Medium-sized animals can be the ones with the best propensity to go vanished.) El tiempo de hornear depende del tamaño del frying pan. (The baking time relies on the dimension of the bread loaf.) Disadvantage el tamaño acquainted, obtendrás 166 lavados para todo tipo de ropa. (With the family members dimension, you’ll obtain 166 washing machine lots for every single kind of apparel.) Voy a comprar un servidor de impresión de tamaño de bolsillo. (I’m mosting likely to acquire a pocket-size print web server.)

Tamaño can likewise work as an adjective to indicate “such a big,” “such a” or something comparable. Keep in mind that while tamaño as a noun is manly, tamaño as a adjective should match the sex as well as variety of the noun that adheres to.

My madre dijo tamañas palabras en una de esas ocasiones. (My mom claimed such large words on among those celebrations.) ¿ Cómo es posible que un niño de siete años sea capaz de tamaña aventura? (How is it feasible that a 7-year-old can such a journey?) Los libros hacen tamaña diferencia en las vidas del nuestros hijos. (Books make such a huge distinction in the lives of our youngsters.) Es tamaño insulto para la inteligencia. (It’s such a disrespect to the knowledge.)

Etymology Tamaño originates from the Latin tam magnos, suggesting”so big.”

Synonyms Although not as functional as tamaño, talla is regularly made use of for “dimension,” specifically when discussing clothes or body dimension: Normalmente las tallas americanas kid más grandes que las europeas. (Normally the American dimensions run bigger than the European ones.)

Other words that occasionally convert as “dimension”consist of altura (elevation), ancho (size), capacidad(ability), dimensión (measurement), medida (dimension) and also volumen (quantity).


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