< img course=”alignnone size-full wp-image-693″src= “http://www.learningforspanish.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/follow-me-getty-5c610f9146e0fb0001dcd225.jpeg”size=”768″elevation=” 512 “/ > The verb seguir brings with it the suggestion of” to proceed “or “to comply with,”yet it can be made use of in a range of manner ins which have various other translations to English.

Using Seguir on its own

Standing alone, seguir generally suggests “to take place”or”to proceed”: A 20 bajo cero la vida sigue.(At 20 listed below life takes place.)¡Sigue!.?.!! ¡ Puedes hacerlo! (Keep it up!.?. !! You can do it!)Estaba sana fisicamente, pero la depresión seguí y seguía. (She was literally healthy and balanced, however the anxiety dragged out and also on.)

Using Seguir With Gerunds Seguir is most generally utilized to come before the gerund, where it operates as a kind of supporting verb suggesting” to proceed” or “to continue.” This way it is develops a sort of dynamic stressful:

Tengo un crédito por minivan usada y no la puedo seguir pagando. (I have a finance for an utilized minivan as well as I can not proceed spending for it.)Siguió corriendo a pesar del dolor. (He went on running regardless of the discomfort.)Cuando tenga la oportunidad, seguiré estudiando inglés. (When I have the chance, I will certainly proceed examining English.)Siga aprendiendo. (Keep on discovering.)La cantante chilena sigue rompiendo sus propios récords. (The Chilean vocalist goes on damaging her very own documents.)Seguía pensando en el tiempo perdido en pensar en el tiempo que pierdo. (She kept thinking of the moment shed thinking of the moment shed.)

Such sentences regularly bring the undertone of”to still

be (verb + ing)”: El star sigue buscando la felicidad. (The star is still searching for joy.)Sí, sigue nevando afuera. (Yes, it’s still snowing outdoors.)Sigo tratando de fotografiar a mi gato, pero no me deja. (I’m still attempting to take a photo of my pet cat, however he’s not allowing me.)

Following Seguir With an Adjective When seguir is complied with by an adjective, the significance of”to still be(adjective)” likewise prevails: Cynthia sigue feliz disadvantage su esposo.( Cynthia is still delighted with her other half.(Si la situación sigue difícil durante tres o cuatro meses, algunas operaciones se cancelarán. (If the circumstance is still hard for 3 or 4 months, some procedures will certainly be terminated.)Ella se siente feliz, pero sigue asustada. (She rejoices, however she’s still scared.)Hoy amanecí un poco mejor, pero de todas maneras sigo triste. (Today I rose a little much better, yet all the same I’m still unfortunate.)

Prepositional Phrases Using Seguir Similarly, seguir en typically indicates “to still remain in”:

El piloto español sigue en coma. (The Spanish pilot is still in a coma.)Mucha gente sigue en vacaciones y llegan hasta las clases de mañana. (Many individuals are still on holiday as well as will certainly get here in courses tomorrow.)Seguiré en contacto contigo, te lo prometo. (I assure you, I’ll still remain in touch with you.)

Seguir transgression typically suggests”to still lack.” An infinitive usually adheres to, making a sentence building rather unlike what is utilized to claim the very same point in English:

Un tercio de la funding sigue wrong electricidad. (A third of the resources is still without power.)Seguimos wrong reconocer los culpables de la dilemma. (We still do not acknowledge that is accountable for the situation.)Siguen transgression pagarme. (They still aren’t paying me.)Siguieron transgression hacer nada productivo. (They still had not done anything efficient).Hay algunas cosas de mi madre que sigo wrong entender. (There are some features of my mom that I still do not comprehend.)

Using Seguir With a Direct Object One usual definition of seguir is “to adhere to,” either essentially or figuratively, specifically when seguir is made use of with a straight item:

A mi casa me siguió un perrito. (A young puppy adhered to me residence.)No me sigas, no tengo la menor concept de lo que hago. (Don’t adhere to me, I do not have the least suggestion what I’m doing.)Sigue las instrucciones que te vamos a dar. (Follow the guidelines that we are mosting likely to offer you.)Hay nivel para principiantes de Guitar Hero donde sólo se necesita seguir el ritmo. (There is a degree for Guitar Hero newbies where all you need to do is adhere to the rhythm.)

Conjugating Seguir Note that seguir is conjugated off-and-on. Unlike lots of uneven verbs, which transform in their ends, seguir generally modifications in the stem when it damages the pattern. For instance, its gerund is siguiendo, not the seguiendo you could anticipate. Seguir is uneven in all of its subjunctive kind along with existing as well as preterite a measure.

The types for the here and now a sign are : sigo, sigues, sigue, seguimos, seguis, siguen. Uneven kinds remain in boldface. Key Takeaways

In lots of circumstances, seguir can be converted as “to proceed” or informally as “to keep.”Seguir frequently lugs the undertone that something has actually been occurring for longer than could be anticipated or desired.Seguir is an irregularly conjugated verb.

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