Hombre as well as mujer are the Spanish words for” guy”and also “female,” specifically, and also are utilized in similar means as their English equivalents.

Although both words can be made use of for a man or woman, specifically, of any type of age, they are frequently made use of to describe

grownups. Also, el hombre, like the English”male,”can be utilized to describe Homo sapiens, the human varieties. Instance: Científicos dicen que el hombre es el resultado de largas etapas evolutivas. Researchers claim guy is the outcome of lengthy transformative phases.

Hombre or mujer

can likewise be utilized to refer informally to one’s partner. Hombre as well as mujer can likewise be made use of as interjections, long as”male” can be made use of in English: ¡ Hombre! ¡ Qué emocionante! or ¡ Mujer!

¡ Qué emocionante! Male! Exactly how interesting! Following are some typical expressions utilizing hombre or mujer. Several of them that are provided just with hombre can likewise be made use of with mujer yet the womanly use is uncommon. Additionally note that while a few of the terms might show up sexist, they are planned to show the language as it is utilized and also not always as all feel it must be.

Common Phrases Using Hombre or Mujer

de hombre a hombre, de mujer a mujer— in overall genuinenesshombre/mujer de confianza— right-hand man/womanhombre de entereza— guy that is amazing as well as made uphombre del saco— boogeymanhombre/mujer de negocios— businessman/businesswomanhombre de paja— tokenhombre lobo— monsterhombre medio/ mujer media— ordinary man/woman, man/woman in the roadhombre/mujer objeto— individual valued for his/her sexual magnetism as well as little elsehombre público— male with social impacthombre rana— frogmanmujer de su casa— homemakermujer deadly— femme deadlymujer pública/ perdida/mundana— woman of the streetser mucho hombre— to be giftedser mucha mujer, ser toda una mujer— to be excellent in personalityser muy hombre— to be solid and also take onser poco hombre— to be a coward

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