Requirement to recognize exactly how to describe a certain system of time? Below are one of the most usual ones in Spanish, provided from the quickest time period to the lengthiest:

el nanosegundo— millisecond el microsegundo— split second el milisegundo— millisecond el segundo— 2nd el minuto— min la hora— hr el día— day la semana, el septenario— week la quincena— fortnight, 2 weeks (The term in some cases describes a 15-day duration or a half-month.) el mes— month el semestre— 6 months, half-year (The term can likewise describe a scholastic term.) el año— year el lustro— 5 years el decenio, la década— 10 years, years el siglo— century el milenio— millennium el cron— million years el eón— thousand million years, billion years in U.S. English (The term likewise can describe a forever extended period of time.)

In enhancement, Spanish has a variety of systems of time that are rarely utilized, or are utilized in certain contexts. As an example, bimestre and also trimestre, are two-month and also three-month durations, specifically, with comparable month groups feasible. Likewise, bienio as well as septenio are 2- as well as seven-year time periods, specifically, with various other groups feasible.

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