The word “as”can be converted to Spanish in lots of methods– as well as you usually can not replace among them for one more.

One technique to converting” as “to Spanish commonly totals up to determining exactly how it operates in a sentence as well as generating a various method of sharing the exact same concept. While the complying with isn’t a full checklist of the means” as “can be made use of as well as equated, it consists of one of the most typical:

Translating ‘As’ in Comparisons of Equality

One of one of the most usual uses “as” in English remains in sets to suggest that 2 points or activities are equivalent. Such contrasts of equal rights commonly are used the expression “tan … como” (where the ellipses stand for an adjective or adverb) or “tanto … como” (where the ellipses stand for a noun and also tanto adjustments in type to match the noun in number as well as sex).

Nunca en mi vida había sido tan feliz como hoy. (Never in my life have I been as satisfied as I am today.)También me enamoré de mi primera maestra, tan locamente como es posible en un niño. (I likewise fell for my initial instructor, as wildly as is feasible for a youngster.)Podrías ganar tanto dinero como usted quieras. (You might gain as much cash as you desire.)

Translating ‘As’To Mean’In the Way That ‘ If you have an English sentence with words “as”as well as you can replace”as “with”like” (despite the fact that some language perfectionists might disapprove you doing so), “as” most likely suggests something like “in the manner in which.” Como normally functions well as a translation.

Me gustaría saber si piensas como pienso. (Leave it as it is.)Déjalo como está. (I want to recognize if you believe as I believe.)Como saben todos ustedes, el guide punto del orden del día es la elección del presidente. (As you all understand, the very first product on the program is the political election of the head of state.)Como iba diciendo, todo period perfecto. (As I was claiming, every little thing was best.)Come como si fuera a ser su última vez. (He consumes as if it were mosting likely to be his last time.)

Translating’As ‘With Other Meanings

Among the various other usages for”as “are: ‘As ‘Meaning’Because'< p id =”mntl-sc-block_1-0-18″course =” compensation mntl-sc-block mntl-sc-block-html”> When “because” can replacement for “as,””as” can typically be converted as porque, although como is favored at the start of a sentence

. Find out more information in our lesson on causation: Buscaba agua porque tenía sed. (He was searching for water as he was dehydrated.)No pude ver disadvantage claridad porque estaba oscuro. (I could not see plainly, as it was dark.)Como yo no tenía dinero, no pude comprar el coche. (As I really did not have any type of cash, I could not acquire the cars and truck.)

‘ As’Indicating Simultaneous Actions When “while” or”when” can replacement for “as, “mientras can be made use of to show that 2 or even more activities are happening at the same time:

Mientras estudiaba veía la CNN. (As he was researching he enjoyed CNN.)Mientras comíamos, decidí decírselo a todos los que estábamos allí. (As we were consuming, I made a decision to inform it to everyone that existed.)

‘As ‘Functioning as a Preposition When”as “operates as a preposition to present a prepositional expression that operates as an adjective or adverb, it can commonly be converted as como. The initial 2 of these instances are of adjectival use, the 2nd 2 of adverbial use.

Es retrato de Jonah como joven artista. (It is a picture of Jonah as as a young musician.)Mi vida como un soldado comenzó en 2010. (My life as a soldier started in 2010.)Anda como ladrón en la noche. (He strolls as a burglar in the evening.)Estudia como carrera de química. (She researches as a chemistry significant.)

Idiomatic Uses of’As’ Idioms(expressions with that said have significances not always linked to those of the private words) with “as” as well as usual matchings consist of:

likewise called: pen namestherefore: en consecuenciaas a joke: en bromaas routed: como se indica, según lo indicadoas anticipated: como period de esperaras for I’m worried: en lo que a mi respectaas if: como sias essential, as required: como sea necesariocurrently: por ahora, hasta ahoraasap: lo antes posiblesuch as: tal como (when adhering to a particular noun), stories como (when complying with a plural noun)

Key Takeaways Como is a typical Spanish translation for “as,” although are scenarios in which it can not be used.Mientras can equate”as

“when “as” is utilized to show that activities are occurring simultaneously.Porque can equate”as“when” as” is made use of to show why something took place, specifically when “as” in the center of a sentence.

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