< img course= “alignnone size-full wp-image-219” src =”http://www.learningforspanish.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/umbrella-forest-58b831f83df78c060e653628.jpg”size=”768″elevation= “512”/ > A challenge in Spanish is a head-breaker(rompecabezas ), as well as somebody that checks out publications a whole lot is a book-warmer (calientalibros). These 2 words are amongst the even more vibrant substance words that have actually gotten in the Spanish vocabulary.

Most substance words are extra ordinary and also obvious(a dish washer, lavaplatos, as an example, is simply that ). Substance words, understood in Spanish as palabras compuestas, are fairly typical. They are regularly created, in some cases for amusing impact, although not all unscripted substance words endure or come to be extensively understood. An instance is comegusanos, a worm eater, which you will not discover in a thesaurus however will certainly discover in periodic usage with an Internet search.

How To Form Compound Words

As you might have observed, the substance words being gone over in this lesson are created by taking a verb in the third-person particular a measure as well as following it with a plural noun (or, seldom, a single noun when it makes even more feeling to do so). For instance, cata (he/she preferences) adhered to by vinos (white wines) offers us catavinos, a winetaster or barhop, depending upon the context. Usually, these words are the matching of the English verb adhered to by a noun and also “-emergency room,” as in rascacielos, “high-rise.” (Rascar methods to scuff, as well as the skies are the cielos.) In English, such words can be composed as one word, a hyphenated word or 2 words, however in Spanish these substance words constantly create one system.

Words developed by doing this are manly, with unusual exemptions, although they are often made use of in the womanly if they describe ladies or ladies. Additionally, the plural of these words coincides as the particular: a can opener is un abrelatas, yet 2 or even more are los abrelatas. If the noun component of words starts with an r, it is commonly transformed to an rr, as in quemarropa from quema + ropa.

Although no collection of substance words can be total, on the adhering to web page is a checklist of a few of one of the most typical in addition to numerous that have actually been consisted of simply since they’re amusing or otherwise fascinating. Where the English translation does not share the beginning of the Spanish word, an actual translation of the Spanish is consisted of in parentheses. Keep in mind that in many cases not all feasible significances of the Spanish words are consisted of.

List of Compound Words

These are amongst one of the most typical(or, in a couple of instances, amusing)substance words in Spanish. It is much from a full checklist.

abrecartas– letter opener abrelatas– can opener apagavelas– candle light
snuffer buscapiés– firecracker (it tries to find feet)calientalibros– bibliophile(he/she warms publications) calientamanos– handwarmer calientapiés– footwarmer calientaplatos– meal warmer cascanueces– nutcracker comecocos– something that perplexes or teaches(it consumes coconuts) cortacuitos– breaker cortalápices– pencil sharpener(it reduces pencils)cortapapel– paper blade(it reduces paper)cortaplumas– pocket knife (it reduces plumes )cortapuros– stogie cutter cuentagotas– medication dropper(it counts declines)cuentakilómetros
— speedometer, odometer(it counts kilometers)cuentapasos– digital pedometer
(it counts actions)cuentarrevoluciones, cuentavueltas– counting device(it counts changes) cuidaniños– sitter (he/she looks after kids)cumpleaños– birthday celebration(it satisfies years)dragaminas– minesweeper( itdigs up mines)elevalunas– home window opener escarbadientes– toothpick( itscrapes teeth) escurreplatos– recipe shelf(it drains pipes meals)espantapájaros– scarecrow (it frightens birds)
guardarropas– garments wardrobe(it maintains garments)lanzacohetes– rocket launcher lanzallamas
— fire thrower lanzamisiles– projectile launcher lavadedos– finger dish( itcleans up fingers)lavamanos– shower room sink (it cleans hands)lavaplatos, lavavajillas– dish washer limpiabarros– scrape(it cleans up mud)limpiabotas– shoeshine (he/she cleanses boots)
limpiachimeneas– chimneysweep (he/she cleanses smokeshafts) limpiacristales– home window cleaner limpiametales– steel gloss (it cleans up steel)
limpiaparabrisas– windscreen wiper(it cleans up windscreens)limpiapipas– pipeline cleaner limpiauñas– finger nail cleaner a matacaballo— at breakneck rate(in such a way that it eliminates the equine)matafuegos– fire extinguisher(it eliminates fires)matamoscas– fly swatter (it eliminates flies)
matarratas– rat toxin(it eliminates rats )matasanos– clinical quack(he/she eliminates
healthy and balanced individuals)matasellos– postmark(it eliminates stamps
)pagaimpuestos– taxpayer parabrisas– windscreen(
it quits winds)paracaídas– parachute(it quits drops) parachoques– bumper(it quits collisions)paraguas– umbrella (it quits water)
pararrayos– lightning arrester( it quits lightning) sunshade– sunshade(it quitssunlight)pesacartas– letter range(it considers letters) pesapersonas– range for individuals(it considers individuals)picaflor– hummingbird, lady-killer(he/she pecks blossoms)picapleitos– shyster attorney(he/she urges legal actions)pintamonas– poor painter, an inexperienced individual(he/she paints imitators)portaaviones– carrier (it brings airplane) portacartas– letter bag(it brings letters)portamonedas– bag, bag(it brings coins)portanuevas– one that brings information portaplumas– pen owner
a quemarropa— at point-blank array (in such a way that burns garments)quitaesmalte– enamel or nail gloss cleaner quitamanchas– completely dry cleaner, tarnish eliminator(it
gets rid of spots) quitamotas– flatterer(he/she eliminates
flaws )quitanieve, quitanieves– snowplow (it gets rid of snow)
quitapesares– alleviation( it removes sadness)quitasol– sunshade(it eliminatesthe sunlight)quitasueños– anxiousness (it eliminates rest )rascacielos– high-rise a regañadientes– reluctantly (in a fashion that triggersthe snarling of teeth)rompecabezas– challenge (it damages heads)
rompeimágenes– critic (he/she breaks symbols)rompeolas– jetty(it damages waves) sabelotodo– know-it-all(he/she understands all of it)sacabocados– punch device (it obtains attacks
)sacaclavos— nail eliminator sacacorchos– curl(it takes out corks)sacadineros
— ornament, tiny rip-off(it takes cash) sacamanchas– completely dry cleanser(
it removes spots )sacamuelas– dental professional, quack
(he/she draws teeth )sacapotras– clinical quack (he/she gets rid of ruptures
)sacapuntas– pencil sharpener(
it develops factors)saltamontes– insect(it leaps hillsides)salvavidas– particular security tools (it conserves lives)secafirmas– blotting pad
(it dries out trademarks)tientaparedes– one that searches his/her method(he/she really feels wall surfaces)tirabotas– boot hook(it extends boots)tiralíneas– attracting pen(it attracts lines)tocacasetes– cassette gamer tocadiscos– document gamer trabalenguas– tongue whirlwind (it connects tongues)
tragahombres— bully(he/she swallows guys )tragaleguas– long-distance or quick jogger(he/she swallows organizations; an organization is a little-used dimension of range, equivalent to around 5.6
kilometers )tragaluz– skylight(it ingests light)tragamonedas, tragaperras– one-armed bandit, vending device(it ingests coins) Key Takeaways An usual kind of substance noun is created in Spanish by utilizing a
third-person particular a sign present-tense verband also adhering to
it with a plural noun affixed to the verb.Such substance nouns are commonly the matching of”
noun +verb+-emergency room “in English.Such substance
nouns are manly, and also the plural type corresponds the particular.

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