Prepositions come in handy words for revealing the connection amongst the different words in a sentence. Yet with something like just 2 lots prepositions readily available, you’re restricted if you adhere to basic prepositions to show the link that a noun or pronoun could have with an additional word.

Fortunately, both Spanish as well as English have a large range of prepositional expressions, additionally referred to as substance prepositions, that feature in much

the exact same

means as straightforward prepositions Using Compound Prepositions An instance of substance preposition can be seen in a sentence such as Roberto fue al mercado en lugar de Pablo(“Robert mosted likely to the marketplace rather than Paul”). Although en lugar de is composed of 3 words, it works similar as one word as well as has a distinctive prepositional definition as an expression. To put it simply, like single-word prepositions, prepositional expressions reveal the link in between the noun (or pronoun) that complies with as well as various other words in the sentence. (Although you might possibly find out what en lugar de methods by equating the private words, that isn’t real of all prepositional expressions.)

The listed here reveals several of one of the most usual expressions that work as prepositions. Prepositions can additionally be utilized in expressions that are made use of as adverbs, as discussed in our lesson on adverbial expressions. As you can see in the instances following this area, not all Spanish prepositional expressions are best converted as prepositional expressions in English.

abajo de— beneatha bordo de — aboarda cambio de — in exchange or profession fora freight de — accountable ofa causa de — as a result ofacerca de — around, worryingademás de — besides, along with, along withadentro de — insidea disposición de — at the disposal ofa excepción de — with the exemption of, besidesa falta de — because of the absence of, in the lack ofa fin de — with the objective or intent of, in order toafuera de — outdoorsa fuerza de — usingal contrario de — in contrast toal estilo de — in the design of, likeal frente de — at the leading edge ofal lado de — besidealrededor de — aroundantes de — prior to (in time, not area)a pesar de — even witha prueba de — about equal to the English suffix “-evidence”a punto de — on the brink ofa través de — via, throughoutbajo condición de que — on the problem thatcerca de — nearcon rumbo a — towardsde acuerdo disadvantage — in arrangement withdebajo de — beneath, underdelante de — beforedentro de — withindespués de — afterdetrás de — behind, afteren caso de — in instance ofencima de — in addition toen converse de — versusen forma de — in the form ofenfrente de — contraryen lugar de — as opposed to, in the location ofen medio de — in the center ofen vez de — as opposed toen vías de — heading tofuera de — besidesfrente a — contrary, in the direction oflejos de — much frompor causa de — as a result ofpor razón de — as a result of

Samples Sentences Using Compound Prepositions Las complicaciones después de la cirugía de cataratas pueden incluir visión opaca o borrosa.(Complications after cataract surgical treatment can consist of plain or blurred vision.)

A pesar de todo, digo sí a la vida.(Despite every little thing, I am stating yes to life.)

Vea nuestra colección de cámaras compactas a prueba de agua. (See our collection of small waterevidence electronic cameras.)

La ciudad grande está a punto de un desastre ambiental. (The big city is on the brink of an ecological calamity.)

N o busques más hoteles cerca de este. (Don’t seek even more resorts near this set.)

¿ Por qué los gatos duermen encima de sus humanos? (Why do pet cats rest in addition to their human beings?)

Muchas cosas cambiaron por causa de mi mistake. (Many points transformed due to my blunder.)

Key Takeaways

Compound prepositions in both English as well as Spanish are expressions that work similarly as single-word prepositions.Meanings of substance prepositions can not constantly be figured out by the significances of the specific words.

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