Spanish Punctuation Rules for Beginners

Spanish as well as English are comparable sufficient in their spelling that a novice may take a look at something in Spanish as well as not observe anything uncommon besides a couple of bottom-side-up enigma or exclamation factors. Look a lot more carefully, nevertheless, and also you’ll locate various other crucial distinctions that you must discover as quickly as you’re […]

Accent Marks and Indirect Questions in Spanish

For starting Spanish trainees, the guideline they’re instructed concerning orthographic accents might appear simple: Words such as qué (what) and also cuántos (the number of) have accents on them when they’re made use of concerned yet do not or else. However using such accents marks actually is a little bit a lot more difficult, as the accent mark is maintained […]

Differences in Spanish and English Spelling

If you can mean in English, you have a head beginning with punctuation in Spanish. Nevertheless, countless words are English-Spanish cognates, words in both languages that are led to identically or in a similar way due to the fact that they share typical beginnings. For the English audio speaker discovering Spanish as a 2nd language, a lot of these words […]

When To Use Accents and Diacritical Marks in Spanish

One of the most right away apparent distinction in between written Spanish as well as written English is Spanish’s use composed accents, as well as sometimes of diereses (additionally called umlauts). Both of these attributes are called diacritical marks. Beginning Spanish trainees normally find out right now that the primary use the accent is to aid with enunciation, as well […]

Why Spanish Uses EE. UU. as Abbreviation for U.S.

Once you discover that Estados Unidos is Spanish for”United States,”you could forecast that its acronym would certainly be EU, equally as we frequently utilize “U.S.” (or “USA”) in English. However the common acronym is EE. UU. The Rule for Plural Abbreviations Although the acronym might appear uncommon to Spanish pupils, acronyms like it prevail in basic created Spanish when reducing […]

Using a Semicolon in Spanish

The semicolon,or el punto y coma in Spanish, is utilized and also mistreated in Spanish high as it remains in English. Nevertheless, the guidelines for its application in Spanish can be a lot more subjective than for the various other spelling icons (signos de puntuación) as well as bring about a bigger variety of typical errors. Still, there are 2 […]

Making Spanish Nouns and Adjectives Plural

If you understand exactly how to make nouns plural in English, you’re close to understanding exactly how to do so in Spanish. As well as soon as you understand exactly how to make Spanish nouns plural, you can just adhere to the exact same regulations for adjectives. Key Takeaways: Spanish Plurals The guidelines for making nouns plural in Spanish resemble […]

Avoiding the Passive Voice in Spanish

Among one of the most typical errors made by starting Spanish pupils that have English as a mother tongue is to overuse passive verb types. Sentences with easy verbs are really typical in English, yet in Spanish they aren’t utilized significantly– specifically in daily speech. Key Takeaways: Spanish Passive Voice Although Spanish has an easy voice, it isn’t utilized as […]

How to Use Hyphens in Spanish

Beginning Spanish trainees, a minimum of those that talk English as a mother tongue, tend to overuse hyphens. Hyphens (called guiones) are made use of a lot less in Spanish than they remain in English. They are made use of occasionally in the written type of day-to-day speech, locating usage frequently in journalese as well as handwritten of a much […]